FAILED RPA.Tables list index out of range

I was trying sample code in RIDE (2.0b1) on Python 3.7.9 but importing RPA.Tables gives me an error: FAILED RPA.Tables list index out of range
I have upgraded RPA framework to 7.6.0 (core 5.3.1) but the error remains.
According to the documentation there are no additional steps to activate RPA.Tables?


No, there are no additional steps, and the import itself should not do anything to raise index errors.

Can you share a minimal script that reproduces it for you and a traceback of the error you get?

The import itself fails.
RIDE log specifies:
20210304 20:50:38.953 [WARN]: Importing test library “RPA.Tables” failed

Traceback (most recent call last):
list index out of range
File “D:\Program Files\Python\lib\site-packages\robotide\spec\”, line 82, in _fetch_keywords
return get_import_result(path, library_args)
File “D:\Program Files\Python\lib\site-packages\robotide\spec\”, line 29, in get_import_result
) for kw in lib.handlers]
File “D:\Program Files\Python\lib\site-packages\robotide\spec\”, line 29, in
) for kw in lib.handlers]
File “D:\Program Files\Python\lib\site-packages\robotide\spec\”, line 40, in _parse_args
parsed[index] = parsed[index] + ‘=’ + str(args.defaults[value]) # DEBUG str(value)

Can you deduce the error from this log?

All of the traceback comes from RIDE internals, which I don’t have any knowledge about.

There are some issues for it that look very similar, such as: Python library with keyword only arguments fails to load · Issue #2342 · robotframework/RIDE · GitHub

So what should I do? Report it as a RIDE issue?

Reporting the issue is one option. There’s also the #ride channel on Robot Framework Slack:

Isn’t this turning things around? Importing RPA.Tables gives these messages, other packages (like RPA.Excel Files) do not. So there is something “wrong” in the code of RPA.Tables and not RIDE?

Well, the issue Ossi linked was eventually marked as a bug in RIDE, so it might be the same case here. According to the issue, the library syntax is valid, but RIDE can not handle it.

The thing is that the library does nothing which isn’t valid Robot Framework or Python, but it is handled incorrectly by RIDE. I’m sure this also affects other libraries and not just RPA.Tables.

Which version of RIDE do you use? I tried installing v2.0b1 from pip and it successfully imported RPA.Tables and ran keywords from it. Maybe try upgrading to the latest pre-release version?

I stated the versions at the top of this report.
I did a force reinstall of 2.0b1 to get similar error messages. Then I installed RIDE and getting the same error messages. So I wonder why you do not get them? What Python version are you running?

BTW I added an issue on RIDE Github

Oh, sorry, somehow missed the RIDE version. I recreated a new environment with all the same versions and it does run correctly, but there is this line in my terminal: FAILED RPA.Tables list index out of range.

So it hits the same error somewhere but in my case doesn’t break anything (at least during robot run time)?

Well it does break the available syntax in RIDE. The commands are not recognized and as I am not aware of the exact syntax this is annoying. Is this also the case on your side?