Failed to update Lab Environment

Hi any idea why this is failing.
When I press the Robot Test Drive button on top right the robot is successfully running.

The same project when opened in vscode thats also working, but in Robocorp Lab the environment is not updating and showing error.


These could be dependency collisions with JupyterLab dependencies in the Lab, but as this same conda.yaml is working on my tests I think this might be the known issue of orphan python processes:

…we are pushing to get a patch out this week on this.

To be sure can you submit an issue from the Lab so that we can see the logs on your case.

Br, Kari

@Kari yes this is due to orphan python process and after restarting the pc its working fine. And also one thing I found is if I use python 3.9.6 in conda lab is getting failed. when I looked at robocorp lab logs I found that pythonnet is the problem. so I added pythonnet in dependency along with Python 3.9.6 and its working.

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