Failure running robot with workforce agent


I need our help. For “simulation” of a customer approach I have the following setup

  1. MacBook for Coding with Robocorp Lab
  2. Out of the Box Windows Laptop as a potential “customer”

Now I want to run for example the tutorial 1 with the Workforce Agent on the environment of the Windows Laptop (for tutorial 1 it isn’t necessary but there can customer tools which makes it necessary). I get a failure I don’t understand - and tried with different robots, every time the same failure. Attached my logs of the robot

Thanks for helping!

Hi, @Mathias! Could you check the configured timeout in Control Room? It seems Control Room sends a termination signal after three minutes. The environment setup might take a long time (longer than three minutes) the first time.

Hi, I can’t change the termination signal > 180s - that’s the maximum value :frowning:

This is free tier limitation

Understand but that’s annoying when the process is terminated in „initial phase “ phase with a basic tutorial…the process didn’t started here


  • Can you confirm what you are referring to with “tutorial 1”?
  • Can you share the conda.yaml file contents here?
  • Can you share some technical details about the execution machine (Windows version, what kind of storage (hard disk drive or SSD), processor, etc.)?

Hi, sure

Can you run command rcc configuration speedtest on that mchine, and report what it finds?

You may need to download rcc from Robocorp `rcc` downloads


network: 17
filesystem: -266 (negativ???)
time: 146 with 3 workers

Ok. So this tells us, that disk speed might be problem here. That high negative number kind of reveals it. This might be caused by slow disk, antivirus software, or some security policies in place.

And since this is just running very simple setup and it took quite a long time to run, this is reason why you are hitting that 180 second limit in any real environment.

And this is just technical standpoint where I’m looking at it.


Understand and thank you for the root cause analysis!
I switched the standard antivirus-setting of windows off and get now values for filesystem -34 and time 84 seconds and now the robot start at the system!

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