Feature request: Exclude credentials from log files

When running a “Connect To Database” the resulting log file shows confidential credential information. Please remove any credentials from any modules showing in the logs for security purposes. Thanks

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Thank you for the suggestion :+1: We will make an issue about this and protect logging by default.

You can protect any keyword using RPA.RobotLogListener library’s keyword Register Protected Keywords

Example. (not using Vault)

*** Settings ***
Library           RPA.Database
Library           RPA.RobotLogListener

*** Variables ***
${username}   user
${password}   pass

*** Tasks ***
Protecting Connect To Database
    Register Protected Keywords  Connect To Database
    Connect To Database  pymysql  testrpa  ${username}  ${password}  ${3306}  
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Wow, very nice feature. I will use it, thanks!


RPA Framework 7.5.0 hides the Connect To Database credentials by default.

// Jani