Feedback about ReMark


First off: ReMark is amazing - I wish I knew about it when I first started the certification process (he-he!)

However, after only a couple of messages it replied to the wrong message when it tried to reply to my latest questions. I don’t know if this is a one-time thing, but if it’s based on GPT, it did occur alarmingly early in the conversation.

It’s also giving me the wrong link to the docs (f.e., but it’s really cool that your system verified the link (although it did so after the link was sent).

I know, I know - ReMark is still young and learning, but I wanted to give you the feedback since I couldn’t find a thumbs up/down button to inform you guys of the issue. And herein is my real feedback: implement a way to include the users in the training of ReMark. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind if you guys want to use my chat with ReMark for continued training purposes by the way, but I would like to be informed if that happens, and over which time period I could expect the chat to be monitored.

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Thank you @magnus.sordahl for the feedback! ReMark is certainly still learning. We will have a look at the issue of replying to the wrong/old question. I’ll ping you privately to get some samples.

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