Finding Robocorp Job Opportunities

Hi. I’m learning RPA with the goal of switching careers. I have a background in coding so Robocorp appeals to me, but UiPath is the leading tool in the space. My goal is to learn both to maximize my job search opportunities, but I’m curious how to find companies using Robocorp. On LinkedIn the jobs I’ve seen for RPA usually ask for UiPath, and I can use UiPath as a job search query as well. I saw a couple of companies going through Robocorp’s case studies articles.

Hi @david8,

Welcome to the exciting RPA space and I’m glad that you’ve chosen to learn our solution. If you haven’t joined our Community Slack then I would suggest starting there. We have a channel called jobs where people are posting job opportunities and you can also let people know that you are interested in work there.

There are certainly other ways to approach a job search like this but I think the above suggestion is the most straight forward. I hope this help.


Hi, @Tim. Thanks for the reply. I tried joining the Slack earlier, but I can’t create an account because it’s telling me the email has to be on one of these domains:

  • robocorp[dot]com
  • wmpromus[dot]com
  • itzen[dot]com[dot]ar
  • 10xds[dot]com
  • capgemini[dot]com
  • tribe29[dot]com

And then it says:

Don’t have an email address from one of those domains?
Contact the workspace administrator at Robocorp for an invitation.

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