Folder structure issue in Robot deployment on UNIX system

We developed the robot program on the Windows platform and for testing, we deployed it on Linux as well as macOS. While running we get the issue as following.

[ ERROR ] Error in file '/private/var/folders/25/08lm7m5j7r31gvs111fgwj1h0000gn/T/workarea61880302/tasks.robot' on line 3: Resource file 'KeywordLibrary/Example.robot' does not exist.

On UNIX style system while deploying it treats KeywordLibrary/Example.robot as a file name rather than a file under a folder called KeywordLibrary. For another testing, I simply downloaded the program from the cloud and ran it using rcc. Same issue, since it wasn’t able to differentiate between a folder and a file.

I was able to resolve this issue by manually downloading the robot file and creating folder KeywordLibrary and moving the file under it as an Example.robot. However, in automated deployment from the cloud, this doesn’t seem practical.

Is there something I am doing wrong here or is there an approach to resolve this issue? Any help will be appreciated. Thank You.

I think this is the case we identified this problem a week ago and the fixed RCC version is already out but we have not yet gotten out the tools and applications updates. The issue was the classical ‘/’, ‘’ problems so a package created on a Windows machine was introducing backslashes into the zip that mac and Linux machines were not able to handle.

Aiming to get updates out this week for DevTools, Assistant and Agent.
Br, Kari

Thank You Kari for the reply. Just a follow-up question on this. What happens if we create a project on UNIX based system and then we deploy it on Windows ? Does it work on that case or will it still have the issue with understanding the path ?

From Linux to Windows this works. Windows understands both.