Font error on main tutorial: FPDFException: Undefined font

I am running through the main tutorial and I have run into an error that I am unable to solve. Here is the step where I am getting an error.

I have copied this project up until this point and I keep getting the error:

FPDFException: Undefined font: interB - Use built-in fonts or FPDF.add_font() beforehand

I am running this robot through VSCode along with the Robocorp plugins. Could this be an issue with my environment?

Hi, @dana! There was a slight regression in one of the rpaframework versions regarding PDF functionality. The regression was fixed recently, but if you created a new bot before the fix was released, you probably have the version that still has the regression.

No worries, though!

  • Open the conda.yaml file (it’s in the same directory as the tasks.robot file).
  • Find the line that says rpaframework==
  • Update the number to 12.1.1
  • Save the conda.yaml and try rerunning the robot.

Hopefully that resolves the issue!

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Hey @jani, thanks for the the help!

That was 100% the issue - the robot is working as intended now. Is there anything I can look for in the future that would point to the RPA framework needing to be updated?


Hi, @dana!

In general, take a look at the release notes from time to time and update the rpaframework version to keep up to date with improvements and new features:

New versions are also announced on the #announcements channel in Robocorp Slack.