'Get Emails' Keyword in RPA.Outlook.Application Library is Failing

I’m trying to use the ‘Get Emails’ keyword.

It’s strange because the ‘Send Email’ keyword works just fine with the same email account.

Here is an image of my code:

I have been thorugh the docs and do not see anything that I am doing differently than the examples.

Here is my task log error:

I have also tried removing my email from the Get Emails keyword since I have already used the ‘Open Application’ keyword but it is still failing.

On Outlook, I checked my account info and the email I provided matches the account exactly.

I am open to any suggestions.

Had no issue running

 Open Application
 ${outlook_mails}    Get Emails
 Log To Console    ${outlook_mails}

Maybe it worth noting that it might not be good idea to run against Inbox without filter.
And if possible it would make sense to use RPA.Email.ImapSmtp for mails as it does not depend on your mail client.

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Thank you, that sounds smarter and safer

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