Get form data from Word and submit webform

I am trying my first robot and looking for solutions to copy form data from Word docx and enter it into our site to submit a form.

How do I extract form contents from word and use them in my site.

For eg: Form fields like Name, Position, Department, Manager etc

Hi @uitestuser1 and welcome.

one approach would be to use RPA.Word.Application:

*** Settings ***
Documentation   Get Text From Word.
Library    RPA.Word.Application

*** Tasks ***
Get Text From Word
    Open Application
    Open File    <path-to-word-file>
    ${text}=    Get All Texts
    Quit Application

Now you can analyze the raw text and generate the related regex to extract the needed values.

Here’s the link to the library docs (with further examples):

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@RoboHeart - Thank you so much. But, I will also need to take the form data where user inputs using checkbox.
Lunch account required?
☒ Yes
☐ No

How can I take these from the raw text using regex as it changes as per what the user has selected. Please let me know.

To be honest, I never tried this before with rpa-framework.

If Word is declaring it like a control you might get it with RPA.Desktop:

or RPA.Desktop.Windows:

@RoboHeart Thanks much. I will check on it.