Get output file after running robot from Robocorp App/Cloud

Hello! I’m new to Robocorp.

I already build a robot from Maria’s tasks from Beginner’s Course. And run it from Robot Assistants from Robocorp App. But I can’t find the output file(.png and .pdf), not like when I run it from Robocorp Extensions at VSCode.

Also when I run a robot with scheduling at Robocorp Cloud, is it possible to get the robot’s output file directly from my local directory? Not manually download it from Run Artifacts.

Hello @yoelregentambunan and welcome to the forum!

Robocorp App always executes robots in a “clean” directory. It is temporary directory that is created for the execution and may be cleaned up afterwards. A good solution would be to use robot to copy the files into some safe location. Then you don’t need to search for the files in temporary folders. E.g.

*** Settings ***
Library  OperatingSystem

*** Keyword ***
Copy a file to archive
    Copy File  output/my_data.xlsx  ~/

Thanks for answering and sorry for slow reply. It works for my Robocorp App problem!

But is there any way if I run the robot from Cloud(for example with scheduling) the output file automatically saved to my local directory without manually downloading it from Run Artifacts inside Processes?

It is possible if you use Robocorp App as runtime environment. Then your App can access local directories within Robot execution.

If you are running with the Cloud container then I think one option could be uploading files for example into Google Drive and if your local machine is syncing with Google Drive then you would have files locally also.

…still one more scenario:

You can create a process that has two steps:

  • 1st step runs in cloud container and stores the file to work item
  • 2nd step runs in your computer and copies to file from the work item into some safe location

Without the second step cloud would not know about “your computer”.

More info

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Thank you both of you! The solutions worked and seems I’m more understand about features inside Robocorp.

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