Get payload return different result between local and control room

i have a small test with get pay load in and it works well.
just see a small different when runing on local and control room.
the json file on local and work item in control room has the same content:
[ { “payload”: {
“user”: “dungle”,
“mail”: “
}, “files”: {“data”:“data.xlsx”}

however get_work_item_payload() return different result as screen shot below
pretty confuse here. can anyone give some light?

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Hi there Dung,

You can fix the cloud issue in Control Room like this:

  1. Copy-paste the value of your local payload key directly into interface’s input JSON text box. Or just manually add the user and mail entries. And that’s the payload for one work item only, you can’t add files inside of this content.
  2. Don’t forget to attach on the input the desired files using the “+ Add file” button. Now you can finally add the files.
  • The different id values come from fake IDs during local dev and real ones under the cloud, so nothing to worry about on that one.
  • That test: {...} payload most probably comes from an input you ran with in the cloud where you added a key called test and as value you copy-pasted the JSON content you had locally. As you see, during the local dev you can test with a list of different input work items, while in the cloud you can optionally specify a single input item manually (under which you define the key-value payload and attach files).

Try it like instructed above and please let me know if it doesn’t work as expected.


Thanks @cosmin for your explanation.
I could handle that situation :slight_smile:

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