Get Window List returns null ONLY in Windows Remote Desktop

I have a bot that has to login to a website and then do some downloads. This bot is deployed in a remote desktop (Set up with Windows Desktop Access (RDP) | Robocorp documentation)
I’ve tried launching the begginer course bot in this server and it worked perfectly. But this bot is having issues in simple things.

First it does Open Available Browser and does the login with no problem.
After that it needs to do Foreground Window but it fails to find the window. I tried to debug this with:
@{windows}= Get Window List
FOR ${window} IN @{windows}
Log Many ${window}
But it returns null.
When I try the bot in my local PC the bot works perfectly and the Get Window List returns a bunch of windows.

The problem is not the code but seems to be something to do with Window detection in Remote Desktops.

Hi @federico.rattay,

Are you able to get a screenshot in the error case?
For example like this: example-rdp-test/tasks.robot at master · robocorp/example-rdp-test · GitHub
If you can get the screenshot we know that the RDP session is running correctly.

This could just be a timing issue, so that the server is just for some reason opening application windows slower or something like that, but taking a screenshot at the point of failure is a good practice on Windows automations as it usually tells a lot of the problem.

BR, Kari