Getting An Error for Using Attach Chrome Browser - I am getting the error while Webdriver Manger Instance

Hi Team,

I am getting an error while creating a instance of web driver manager In RPA Framework I have done everything all possible ways but still the same problem.
Steps what I did?
1)open the cmd with command start chrome.exe --remote-debugging-port=8080
2)I have set the command as a shortcut in chrome as well.

So while attaching my browser to this port in the code I have used that as Attach Chrome Browser 8080 and after running the code at the time of creating instance in the Debug Console. I am getting this error.

Please help me out from this problem I am not able to do my automation. Please help me…

Are you sure that before you run start chrome.exe --remote-debugging-port=8080 there are currently no other Chrome instances running? In other words, the Chrome you open by running that command needs to be the first Chrome instance to start up in your system.

Thankyou So Much @jaime.salazar Now everything is working fine.