Getting BSOD with Lab installation

Hello, I’ve getting blue screens on Lab installation/upgrade for some time. Error comes from antivirus instance. As IT support have not been able to find any cause I was wondering if I can somehow see from log where it breaks. Maybe some package is triggering antivirus wrong way. VS Code with extensions is working on same machines.
Machines are running on Win 10 Enterprise, version 20H2

Well, this is a new one…
Are you able to submit an issue from the Labs start screen? Would really like to see logs on this one.
In the report, if you can mention the antivirus tool you are getting the error from and any further details on what is the error stated would be helpful. If this happens when opening a specific robot then the conda.yaml of that robot is very interesting.

I have a patch update undergoing tests right now as we are hunting down the mysterious slow-down problem.
Br, Kari

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Hmm, If I launch Lab after BSOD it gives different error as installation was broken.
Below are screens from BlueScreenViewer.

I’ll submit issue from current error. Lets check from there. I also confirmed that its antivirus after I managed to convince IT to turn it of for one test machines.

Yeah, I’ll check the logs first thing tomorrow…

Seeing McAfee driver there… you know the trope in games where you enter a big open area and the music swells up… time for boss battle :wink:

I’m about to release the patch, but need to check if this could be caused by the McAfee driver getting slammed by RCC parallel file I/O things. We are trying to get everything out of the file system especially when creating the environments but we are now seeing that we might be asking for too much.

Yes, McAfee Client Proxy is antihero in this game.

Hi, checked the logs and yeah “something” is really going to town with the files quite suddenly.

Multiple env. builds pass successfully until just suddenly things stop and on the next runs it seems like most of the cache files are empty/corrupted (getting a ton of unexpected EOF errors) that RCC tries to fix.

I’ll get the new Lab release out the door as it has some updates around checking the cache and it reduces the amount of file I/O which could be tripping off McAfee now.
Br, Kari

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