Good tutorials to learn RF and difference to Test Automation?

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i love this community, I got so much help before on this forum, maybe you can help me this time too.

I have completed 3 Robocorp Courses for Beginners and 3rd Level of Certification. But still I find it hard to start my own projects. I have seen code examples on this page and one other page, but they are difficult to follow, there is very limited explanation, dont know why some things are implemented and how they work.

Maybe there is a good tutorial, that you could recommend to me, that will cover mostly used or most important topics.

I found one tutorial on Udemy, has anyone done this, is this worth my time?

Also funny question maybe, but you know I am beginner. Is there actually any difference are we making robots or test automations on Robot Framework? Logic is the same right? Can i actually use any RF tutorials for test automation to learn RPA?

Thanks a bunch!

We attended the Robocon again this year to try and find out is there anything in our toolchains of libraries preventing from using them in test automation and so far we have not found any clear difference. The main difference is in the mentality. In test automation the focus is to find errors and fail where as in RPA the target is to survive / recover from errors as much as possible.
But on the the tool level and code -syntax there are no real differences.

We know we are still lagging behind on our documentation and so far we have not been able to keep up with the content generated by the community so shout-outs like these mean a lot to us.
I think that Udemy course dates back to using one of our deprecated tools that was built on Jupyter Lab, and we’ve added a LOT of features and capabilities to our system over the past 1.5 years so that course might be a bit dated in that sense, but please anyone who has taken that course or if you find other good courses please ping them back to us as well.

BR, Kari

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Hello, I would say that its actually good to start by checking RFW tutorials, more so if you want to understand basics.

Some courses that I found useful(liked):

Also user guide has lot of good information Robot Framework User Guide

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thank you for your quick replies, Kari and Raivo.