Google chrome is showing popup for cookie in robocorp cloud

While opening google chrome to do some web scraping the task is failing with following error.
ElementNotInteractableException: Message: element not interactable

The reason is because chrome shows a popup to Agree / customize cookie option before an actual search and that is not letting the task from the actual search.

Any idea? how to overcome this popup.
The same robot is working fine with rcc / robocorp Lab

General advice: Add a step (a keyword call) to handle the cookie agreement as part of the task.

From the perspective of the website, the browser is always a new browser that does not have the agreement status cookie stored.

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Thanks Jani.
I was looking for the same. I will put down the code for surfers in the future for this.

Agree To Google Terms
  ${res}=   Does Page Contain Button   I agree
  IF    ${res} == True
    Click Button    I agree
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