Google library released as separate PyPI package

Google library has been separated from rpaframework so that it will be no longer installed as extras package, but as a separate PyPI package from rpaframework version 10.0.0 onwards.

The Google package is named rpaframework-google and current latest version is 0.2.2.

example conda.yaml

  - conda-forge

  - python=3.7.5
  - pip=20.1
  - pip:
    - rpaframework==9.6.0
    - rpaframework-google==0.2.2

Note. It is possible to use this separate package with older rpaframework versions.

Keyword Conversion list

keyword for the rpaframework[google] 9.6.0 or older on the left
keyword for the rpaframework-google 0.2.2 onwards on the right

Apps Script keywords:

  • Init Apps Script ClientInit Apps Script
  • Init Apps Script Client Service AccountInit Apps Script
  • Run ScriptRun Script (no change)

Drive keywords:

  • Init Drive ClientInit Drive
  • Init Drive Client Service AccountInit Drive
  • Drive Create DirectoryCreate Drive Directory
  • Drive Delete FileDelete Drive File
  • Drive Download FilesDownload Drive Files
  • Drive Export FileExport Drive File
  • Drive Get Folder IdGet Drive Folder Id
  • Drive Move FileMove Drive File
  • Drive Search FileSearch Drive Files
  • Drive Update FileUpdate Drive File
  • Drive Upload FileUpload Drive File

Gmail keywords: (new service)

  • Init Gmail
  • Send Message
  • List Messages

Natural Language keywords:

  • Init Natural Language ClientInit Natural Language
  • Analyze SentimentAnalyze Sentiment (no change)
  • Classify TextClassify Text (no change)

Sheets keywords:

  • Init Sheets ClientInit Sheets
  • Clear ValuesClear Sheet Values
  • Copy SheetCopy Sheet (no change)
  • Create SheetCreate Sheet (no change)
  • Get ValuesGet Sheet Values
  • Insert ValuesInsert Sheet Values
  • Update ValuesUpdate Sheet Values

Speech to Text keywords:

  • Init Speech To Text ClientInit Speech To Text
  • RecognizeRecognize Text From Audio

Storage keywords:

  • Init Storage ClientInit Storage
  • Create BucketCreate Storage Bucket
  • Delete BucketDelete Storage Bucket
  • Download FilesDownload Storage Files
  • Get BucketGet Storage Bucket
  • List BucketsList Storage Buckets
  • List FilesList Storage Files
  • Upload FileUpload Storage File
  • Upload FilesUpload Storage Files

Text to Speech keywords:

  • Init Text To Speech ClientInit Text To Speech
  • List Supported VoicesList Supported Voices (no change)
  • Synthesize SpeechSynthesize Speech (no change)

Translation keywords:

  • Init Translation ClientInit Translation
  • TranslateTranslate (no change)

Video Intelligence keywords:

  • Init Video Intelligence ClientInit Video Intelligence
  • Annotage VideoAnnotate Video (no change)

Vision keywords:

  • Init Vision ClientInit Vision
  • Annotage ImageAnnotate Image (no change)
  • Detect DocumentDetect Document (no change)
  • Detect LabelsDetect Labels (no change)
  • Detect TextDetect Text (no change)
  • Face DetectionFace Detection (no change)
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