Having issues with proxy and vscode

I have to use the VScode extensions thru a proxy. When I create my first robot, conda and micromamba seem to be trying to create an environment behind the scene that fails. I think it has something to do with the fact that I am on a mac and have a proxy exported and I need pip configured for a specific artifactory pip proxy. I don’t understand if I have to somehow configure conda or micromamba for that pip url before hand or not. Anyone what has experience with proxies and in an an environment where pip is proxied separately please help!

Hi @sm_peterson and welcome :wave:t3: There is guide you can check here

Hi! I had similar problems with the proxy/firewall in my network. I tried to use custom profiles, and environment variables, but to be honest the best approach was to ask people responsible for the network to configure the proxy/firewall to allow/bypass connections to all hosts/ports listed here: Firewall and network proxy requirements | Robocorp documentation