Help locating a button

I’m trying to click the “Accept All Cookies” button but there is no way I get to locate it while running. Can someone with more experience help me out here?

Login Netx
[Documentation] Login into Netx using User Pass and Company
Open Available Browser NetXInvestor
Wait For Condition return document.readyState == “complete”
Sleep 30s
Click Button alias:ButtoncontainsAcceptAllCookies
-----> Input with locator ‘xpath://button[contains(.,‘Accept All Cookies’)]’ not found.

No matter what locator I use… I cant get it right…

Described locator xpath://button[contains(.,‘Accept All Cookies’)] works for me.

Hi Raivo, are you saying the same code worked?
Are you using chrome?

This is what I tried:

Open Available Browser
Wait And Click Button    xpath://button[contains(.,'Accept All Cookies')]

The locator is the same as in the error message.

Wow… using the xpath in the code worked… the alias did not… any idea why?