How can I run multiple robots with a single command using RCC?

To run a single robot, I need to enter the folder where the “tasks.robot” file is and use the command “rcc run”. What I want to know is if there is any command that I can use from outside this folder to run multiple robots at once.

As tool, rcc does just single runs, so no such single command exist. But you can start multiple rcc command from shell scripts and make them run in background so that they are run kind of “concurrently”. But be careful, and do not try to share resource between concurrent robots, that might lead to race conditions.

And to run robots “outside” that folder, you can use command rcc run --robot path/to/specific/robot.yaml and that is enough for rcc to know what to do, or if you have multiple tasks in one robot.yaml, then you also have to give --task "My selected task" on CLI command.