How can i update work-item to same work-item

How can i update work-item to same work-item?

I want to update the work-items.json file,

but assistant-attended robot can not using work-items and

it was not possible even in unattended process…

also using API too

It continues to be created with new id

So, i can not reuse and record this!

How can i use this resource to next run?

and check my work-items value in control room?

You can update existing(currently processed) with keywords:

Set Work Item Variable
Set Work Item Variables

And then use Save Work Item to save your changes. If you need to use workitem on next steps you need to use Create Output Work Item
You can consult example robots on portal and check course for workitems

Thank you raivo, but what I want is not an output, but a record of what the robot has already done and remembers it. :smiling_face_with_tear:
How can robot(next run) use the same work item(current run)?

Could you please open up your use case? What would you like to achieve?