How do I POST instructions/task items to robot

Hello. I’m a learning RPA developer, and I’m attempting to manipulate a process that I have up and running in my workspace.

The process is straightforward: Using command and element names it reads from a JSON, it goes to a website, and downloads a file as an artifact. I’ve also developed a separate program that performs a GET request to obtain and manage the downloaded artifact.

Now, I want to try to use a POST request to either modify the instructions in the existing JSON file or upload a new version of the JSON. I have read that work items could be a solution, but I’m not inclined towards a producer-consumer model. My goal is to only have a consumer that, instead of a producer, relies on a program to send POST requests with new instructions for the robot or simply run the robot with input data each time.

Any insights or guidance on achieving this setup would be highly appreciated!

You can make requests with:

Check also the materials section there is additional information there