How timeout works for element search

I am using RPA.Windows library for WPF app automation.
We have a case where the page elements loading takes more than 30 secs. So I tried to get the element using by passing timeout value as 60. But looks like the element search happened for only 13 milliseconds, which i can see in report log. Below is the keyword and report screenshot

Get Element ${element} timeout=${time_out}

When I tried using the same keyword with default timeout of 10 secs, same happened, the earch happened for only 13ms

Appreciate any info

Time-out triggers when an element is not found. From the log you provided you can see that the element with a matching locator is located within the given timeout period.

Sorry attached wrong screenshot, below is the right one

I’m able to replicate this with a path locator, so looks like you have found a bug! :mag_right: :bug:
Could you raise this at Issues · robocorp/rpaframework · GitHub?