How to clear existing table from worksheet(excel) and write new values

already tried using clear table but didn’t. If someone has sample code that works, sharing that woulp be of great help.

Thank you.

Hi @RPA_Dev sorry to hear that you have problem with the libraries.

I am guessing that Clear Table keyword works just fine functionally. It clears RPA.Table object values. This keyword is not for Excel as such and would need some additional features so that it would clear also Excel sheet values.

Are you using RPA.Excel.Files library with .xlsx file or how you are using libraries ?

We will add better Excel support into RPA.Excel.Files library. I can at least add quick version of the keyword which will clear Excel sheet values. I will post that solution here a bit later today (by creating a user library of the RPA.Excel.Files library).


Hi @mika, thank you for your response. Looking forward for the solution.

@RPA_Dev busy day today :sweat: :smile: but here is the promised example. More details in the repository readme and in the library doc strings.

note. I have tested this only with .xlsx files.

My example brings up new keywords like Clear Sheet, Set Cells and Print Sheet To Console.

@mika Thank you very much.

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