How to configure Playwright (RPA.Browser) in Visual Studio Code

Hi Experts,

I am using VS Code and using Playwright for some browser based interactions.

Is there a preferred way to set this up? I am manually editing the conda file based on the robocorp github examples.

Just wanted to make sure I am not missing a better way to do this? I have looked at the project page, but not sure where I would have found the dependancy list to configure - other than looking at example solutions.

  - python=3.7.5
  - pip=20.1
  - nodejs=14.2.0
  - pip:
      - rpaframework==7.4.2
      - robotframework-browser==3.1.1
  - rfbrowser init

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I think that (for now) is the preferred way.

We are planning a library management module for Lab. That will make it easier, but would effectively produce the same configuration in conda.yaml.

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I’m in need of assistance as someone new trying to get away from Microsoft Power Automate Desktop and into a tool that is easier to customize. So, I’m trying to install playwright using VS Code and am hitting a few issues. First off, I’m getting this error on both the conda and yaml files:

Also, any changes I make to the conda file requires a 10+ minute “obtain env for robot.yaml” update. Is this normal? Seems like a long time to be waiting.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Here is the conda file that I am using for playwright (which works):

My Yaml file too:

Of course you use the RPA.Browser.Playwright Library in the settings of your robot.

Good luck, Warren

Thank you! My settings appears to be the same except for a few version differences. I’ll see if anyone else knows what is throwing that json error.

Did you create the robot using the Robocorp Extension? i.e. via the Command palette?

There is a Playwright template available. This should set you up the file system “correctly”. It seems like there is an issue parsing the JSON file - perhaps you have another extension causing an issue?

Regards, Warren

Yes, I used Robocorp: Create Robot.
I just have two extensions installed at the moment, both are what were required for the first beginner’s tutorial on their website: Robocorp Code and Robot Framework Language Server.

I created a new file and starting from scratch to see if that fixes it.

Creating a new file worked. I’m not sure what the problem was but since I wasn’t very far in that file, I will just abandon it.

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You probably hit the short moment where the Robocorp Code extension had a bug causing issues for most users. The issue was fixed in a few hours’ time. That is why it might seem that creating a new file fixed things. :slight_smile:

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