How to convert table from worksheet to PDF?

in unattended robot,
RPA.Excel.Application.export-as-pdf() does not working…
and our customer don’t want to pay using windows worker
so i tried
create html table and RPA.PDF.html_to_pdf()
but there
style(css) does not working…
so I looked up the PyFPDF documentation, but
font tag’s size=“999” attribute does not working in this function…
please help me

Could you share how did you created html table. Would it also be possible to share the html you tried to save as pdf? Is the source table has some specific formatting?

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sure, other properties are applied here, but the font size is not applied.
and I want to input Korean, but I can’t either

from RPA.PDF import PDF

p = PDF()
html = '''
            <table border="1, solid, black" width="560">
                    <th width="540"><font size="20">title</font></th>
p.html_to_pdf(html, 'form.pdf', encoding='utf-8')

I believe that keyword is somewhat limited when it comes to formatting. If you want to have more styled tables in pdf you might need to consider building custom library for the customer case.

What is the error given?