How to convert table to html format?

    @{Table_Data_name}=    Create List    Mark    John    Amy
    @{Table_Data_age}=    Create List    ${58}    ${22}    ${67}
    ${Table_Data}=    Create Dictionary
    ...    name=${Table_Data_name}
    ...    age=${Table_Data_age}
    ${table}=    Create Table    ${Table_Data}
    Log    ${table}

So based on the table i create above, how can i convert them to html format? It’s because i want to try to send table in an email using outlook, but i dont see any method to send outlook email with table format using robot framework, so i want to try to change it html format to test if this is workable or not.
The example table i want to send using table:


You need to build html yourself and then you can use that to send a mail. Just be sure to properly test as email clients render HTML differently.