How to escape spaces in file paths in RpaFrameWork Desktop library

Hello, please, I’m trying to open an application with the RPAFramework.Desktop library that has spaces in the path. What is the correct procedure to open this application? The error can be seen in the attached image.

Are you sure your D: drive is accessible? I have no issue running:

from RPA.Desktop import Desktop

desktop = Desktop()

desktop.open_application("C:\Folder With Spaces\Subfolder with space\BotsAreStupid.exe")

To me it looks like that spaces are not problem for starting this application. That “NavegadorSankhya.exe” is started just fine even if it has spaces in its path. That “NavegadorSankhya.exe” seems to be “electron” application, and it seems to have internal problems of finding some “node” module.

Since functionality of that application is something that I do not know, at least I cannot help more. But I would say, that this problem is application specific to that particular application, and not spaces in its path, unless it itself cannot manage spaces in its path.

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Thanks Jippo the addition of the path: C:\NavegadorSankhya\resources\app\jre\bin\server in the windows environment variables solved the problem.