How to Handle Certificate in RPA.Browser.Selenium

Hello, I’m creating an automation with rpaframework using python syntax. The web system has a certificate that is installed on my machine, however, when I open the web system using RPA.Browser.Selenium I cannot click the “OK” button on the certificate alert, as shown in the attached image. Please what is the best way to solve this problem with rpaframework.
Notes: I read the article: chrome/1927 but it didn’t help. Thanks

If you don’t want to use logic described in that link you need to use one of the desktop libraries to handle that popup.

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As @linkraivo stated, we don’t have a silver bullet for this yet, but this discussion thread should provide you enough background on the researched areas of overcoming this challenge. (and maybe you get a better chance on a lead there)

Long story short:

  • You either manually configure your system registry (if Windows) or Chrome’s profile (if possible) to automatically pick and select a certificate.
  • OR use Desktop / Windows automation in order to handle that dialog.