How to install libreoffice on container

i need to use a function from libreoffice and want to install libreoffice on container before executing bot script.
Is there any way to do this ?

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Currently, the answer is no, but…

We are just now testing LibreOffice in some custom containers as we are trying to figure out the most wide-reaching solution to all the problems around document conversions. There are a zillion Python libraries around the topic but none seem to be as wide-reaching and truly cross-platform as LibreOffice.

The container approach is just a bit too hard on the maintenance side: → Different people expecting different versions of an app like LibreOffice creates a world of permutations and pain :wink:
…so we are also looking for a way to get LibreOffice CLI parts into conda-forge. This would enable much more dynamic use of the tool.

We are also looking into a way to allow the robot to run some apt-gets on each execution… this would slow-down things but would enable users to get their specific things (that cannot be loaded from conda-forge or PyPI) into the environment.

So the short answer is no, but a LOT happening in the background… so this is not just a LibreOffice topic for us.

Br, Kari


Thanks @Kari for your update :slight_smile:
We are expecting these kind of features from Robocorp