How to keep a detail Log file?

How to keep the Log.html file after running each round of robot?

I need a log after each run of robot for troubleshooting purpose. There is a Log.html file that show detail log of robot process. But it is only available during Debug and it is lost on the next debug. I would like to keep the Log.html file on normal run mode too instead of just during debug mode. Or is there any better approach to log the robot? Please help thank.

Hi, @mingliangchua! You can add the --timestampoutputs option to the robot run command (in robot.yaml) to add a timestamp to all output file names:

python -m robot --report NONE --outputdir output --logtitle "Task log" --timestampoutputs tasks.robot

That will generate file names such as this so that the files will not get overridden:


See Robot Framework User Guide for all the command-line options.