How to locate elements in robocorp Lab

How to get locator in robocorp lab version 4.12.6? Is there a tutorial?

Hello 2606450008 and welcome!
There is tutorial on

According to this method, there is no success. Is there any special attention?

The crosshairs didn’t come out

What kind of application you are trying? From tutorial: Some applications do not expose their internals in a way that can be targeted using textual locators.
Maybe your application is like that?

no,I use Ctrl + space, the crosshairs don’t come out?why?

I think CTL + Space feature might be only available on notebook mode, not from python.

hello, Raivo, notebook mode, I use Ctrl + space, the crosshairs don’t come out ?

If you are doing

Mouse Click    uia:

and nothing happens it might be bug, you can report it from

I don’t know where it is

Its lower left side of the Lab main window, press Get Help and you can see menu above

Can’t find

Also according your screenshot crosshair cant appear as you Mouce Click is in the Settings not in the Tasks. You also need to import Library before you can use it.

What else do I need to import

You can follow example from tutorial, it shows what you need to set up

Mouce Click is in the Settings, I use Ctrl + space, the crosshairs don’t come out ?