How to Locate the Windows Application field (for SAP)


How to get the location of the various field in windows application, Currently I am using the Accessibility Insights for windows but unable to locate the fields.

Could you please share any video containing how find out the locator for windows application.

I am trying to locate the field for SAP GUI 7.6.0 windows application, After login i want to know that how to find the locator for others fields.

Hi, @b.k.bhardwaj23! I’m not familiar with SAP GUI automation, but it seems they provide separate tools for locating the UI elements. See these resources:

@jani is right. Accessibility Insights is not working with SapGuiScripting.
The Scripting Tracker he mentioned I also linked in my SAP videos. It was developed by Stefan Schnell who is doing a lot in RPA especially SAP area.
There are also other tools available but if you do not want to install the whole packages they come with and if you do not use NWBC this tool is a good entry.

By the way…this is the direct link to the tool:


Thank you for that @RoboHeart ! Seems like an excellent tool on a brief glance !

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