How to properly terminate process if condition return false

Hi, as per the title of this post. May I know how to properly stop script if condition return false. Say Run Keyword Unless…

Hi, @chiu.leonard!

The Pass Execution If keyword (built-in, no need to import libraries) might be useful in that scenario.

// Jani

Thanks @jani Appreciate the help. May i ask another q? I want to copy the value of a cell in excel and assign to a variable then check if it is empty. How do i do that? Seem so simple in other language that i am used to… :joy:

Press Keys. cmd. c
{isEmpty}= Get Clipboard Value Run Keyword If {isEmpty} == ’ " " ’ “some keyword”

Hi, @chiu.leonard! All questions are welcome! :slight_smile:

If you want to read values from an Excel file, you don’t have to open the Excel application at all. You can read the file directly. This is faster and also works on systems that do not have Excel installed.

Here’s an example where we:

  • Open a workbook
  • Read it as a table (a generic table structure)
  • Read a specific cell in that table
  • Check if the value in that is empty or not
*** Settings ***
Library           RPA.Excel.Files
Library           RPA.Tables

*** Tasks ***
Check if a specific cell is empty in an Excel file
    Open Workbook    SalesData.xlsx
    ${table}=    Read Worksheet As Table
    Close Workbook
    ${value}=    Get Table Cell    ${table}    row=${1}    column=${1}
    Run Keyword If    "${value}" == "${EMPTY}"    Log To Console    Empty!
    Run Keyword If    "${value}" != "${EMPTY}"    Log To Console    Not empty!

Does this answer your question?

// Jani