How to scrap the data from Amazon using Automation studio

I am practicing web automation, the web application is amazon and I don’t know how to extract multiple same structure data at a time in the automation studio. Kindly suggest a solution.

Hi @rudhreshtamil26,

Extracting information can be done in many ways. The most common is to extract and save it to a table, where each table row would be a product you extracted (name, price, reviews…). You can check this topic in the forum where we give some tips.

As far as I understand, making such a bot is not yet completely possible in Automation Studio’s visual view?

In the visual view, the selectors must be selected with the picker tool. And as far as I know, these picked selectors cannot be modified to suit such a need, where several elements should be found with one selector, or if you need to combine locators with variables to be iterated through.

I think that the parts related to these selectors should be done in the code view for the time being.

Ok, thanks for the clear explanation. I will try using code @erik.palen

I will try this @Vini