How to scroll a scroll bar in windows application using RPA.Windows

I am using RPA.Windows to automation WPF application.

We have a scroll bar element with class name as ScrollBar. I need to scroll the bar to view below elements. I tried below way it doesn’t work
Send Keys class:ScrollBar keys={PAGEDOWN}

Appreciate any help

Hello @krevathitest

To interact with a scrollbar in a WPF application, you can use the mouse_scroll method from the RPA.Windows library. This method simulates the mouse wheel to scroll up or down. Make sure the correct window is active before scrolling. If this doesn’t work, consider using more advanced libraries like pywinauto

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Thanks for sharing the info. I am able to scroll the bar by clicking the scroll bar element and sending PAGE_DOWN key to the scroll bar lement using RPA.Windows library