How to trigger a robot from Typeform?


I would like to know how to trigger a robot from an external system. Looking specifically at Typeform, I can setup a webhook to fire on a new submission. I’d like that to send the submission data to my robot to use.

Any ideas?

Hi Jacques,

Robocloud does have a Process API which is described in this article.

Now, unfortunately, the API is not (yet) directly compatible with Typeform webhook because the webhook doesn’t appear to allow passing custom headers.

Currently the only option would be to have an intermediate webhook which passes the request on to Robocloud. While this is very simple to implement, it is definitely far from the developer experience we want to offer in the long term.

We have quite a few ideas on how to make the API more flexible, but I cannot promise any specific time frame right now. I’ll make a note to update this thread once a better solution is available though.

Sampo / Robocorp


Quick update - Typeform integration is now possible with two recent improvements.

Enable process API access in Robocloud process configuration and connect Typeform webhook to the endpoint, for example:<workspace-id>/processes/<process-id>/runs?robocloud-process-secret=<process-secret>. The process will be triggered for all submissions and the response can be accessed via work item payload.

hi @jacques!

you can now see the steps needed to trigger a robot when a user submits a typeform in this article:

hope this helps!