How to update robot.yaml task path to include a folder

Hi, I am completing the Certification 3 training and I just created the performer.robot, dispatcher.robot, and shared.robot files (I come from a UiPath background which is why I labelled it like this)

I have a very simple issue:
I made a folder to hold all 3 of these files and simply want to link each file inside of that folder in the robot.yaml file.

I am also curious if this goes against Robocorp best practices to structure my project this way.

Anyways here is an image of where I am working on this (unsuccessfully):

I did not see any documentation that addresses this but please correct me if I’m wrong because I could’ve just missed it.

Also, I know that Robot Files/performer.robot will never work because commands are separated by a space, this was just my last attempt.

Some useful info from docs:

For structure you can have as many steps(robots) as you like(is needed)

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