How to use Excel Functions with Set Value Formula

Hi, we are triying to use Excel Functions with Set Cell Value or Set Cell Formula. The output and log is ok:

but when I try to open the excel file with Microsoft Excel 365 appears like Excel remove the function.

Any clues?


Hi, could you explain removing part? Is cell where formula should be empty? I tried with:

Minimal task
    Open Workbook    Data.xlsx
    Set cell value    1    B    THISISTEST
    Set cell value    1    A    =MID(B1,2,2)
    Save Workbook

And it shows correctly on desktop app and in cloud.

Thanks for the answer. What I learned:

  1. in order to set a formula in a cell you must use always comma to separate the arguments; I was using ; separator

  2. But, in some Microsoft 365 Excel, using keywords to set a cell value or formulas Excel app adds the character @, by example: a formula =SUM(A1:A5) is transformed like =@SUM(A1:A5) that works in some versions of Excel. That is the next challenge: how to deal with this and the Excel versions