How to use fonts in RPA

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I am trying to bold some of the text that is pasted in an web form using Robocorp. Do you know if there’s any library that could help with the fonts like bold or a keyword? I am using Automation Studio to create the robot.
Please let me know if you need more details.

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Assuming the web form element supports shortcuts (like Ctrl/Cmd+A & Ctrl/Cmd+B), this might be solved with Press Keys by using Selenium.

And if you’re not doing web automation with this one, similarly you can use the same approach with:

And yes, the more details you give us, the better we can help you, like:

  1. Current robot code you’re using for this.
  2. What web form you’re trying to automate. (if public)
  3. How would you do it manually so you can think of the best approach on how to automate it.

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Please help us a bit more. Plz find below more details

The form is a web page and there is a text filed in which I type “Source” (I want it in bold) then I write some text from excel file into the text filed and then I type “Target” (I want it in bold) in same text filed and finally I write some more text from excel

Using Press Keys how can I select my words to appear as bold ?



You use Input Text with clear=${False} 4 times with:

  1. **Source**
  2. <text from Excel>
  3. **Target**
  4. <more text from Excel>

And if luckily your form field supports Markdown, then both Source and Target will be rendered as bold. (library used: RPA.Browser.Selenium library | Robocorp documentation)

If Markdown/reStructuredText/HTML syntax is not supported and assuming that Ctrl/Cmd+B works for making text bold, then I rely on your creativity of using Press Keys over the field web element with a combination of CTRL+a / CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW_LEFT & CTRL+b in such a way that:

  1. You’ll bold the first word.
  2. You’ll bold the last word. (after inputing the text from Excel)

I can’t provide to you a solution without seeing how that field/form works. (and I hope HTML input works in this case + bonus case if you have an API to work with instead of automating the form)

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