How to use rcc.exe to activate conda env

If it is possible to switch conda env and run robot under related conda env by using rcc.exe?

If you mean your self managed conda env, then that is not possible, rcc does not work that way.

But if you want to get “shell” into rcc created environment, then see this: rcc/ at master · robocorp/rcc · GitHub

Or tell more about your use-case, and what you want to do?

Thank you jippo,

my use case is as below:

  1. export ht from my development windows host A.
  2. import the ht to another windows host B.
  3. test run demo robot on host B by using the imported ht with rcc command.

Then that should work, if you use exactly same conda.yaml in that host B. And of course, you should be using “shared holotree” on both machines.

Should I entry the dir which has robot.yaml and conda.yaml to run rcc command? Only this way the rcc command could find the correct ht env which I want to use, right?

I still have a question, I have below hts:

Identity                  Controller             Space                   Blueprint         Full path
--------                  ----------             -----                   --------          ---------
501dfb0_b1f3c24_791b5f1e  rcc.robocorpcode       vscode-05               eda6aa32563fb6ec  c:\ProgramData\robocorp\ht\501dfb0_b1f3c24_791b5f1e
501dfb0_25deba5_56c6cdf0  rcc.automation-studio  project-pool-2          e044c6d45adae8f7  c:\ProgramData\robocorp\ht\501dfb0_25deba5_56c6cdf0
501dfb0_25deba5_756e1d19  rcc.automation-studio  project-pool-1          9167990d7ad4c116  c:\ProgramData\robocorp\ht\501dfb0_25deba5_756e1d19
501dfb0_5a1fac3_0404cee4  rcc.user               mine                    9167990d7ad4c116  c:\ProgramData\robocorp\ht\501dfb0_5a1fac3_0404cee4
501dfb0_5a1fac3_9fcd2534  rcc.user               user                    1df42ad370426d46  c:\ProgramData\robocorp\ht\501dfb0_5a1fac3_9fcd2534
501dfb0_b1f3c24_1c0bc041  rcc.robocorpcode       vscode-01               362501a43a09af0a  c:\ProgramData\robocorp\ht\501dfb0_b1f3c24_1c0bc041
501dfb0_b1f3c24_09529949  rcc.robocorpcode       vscode-03               5ee273735a31b850  c:\ProgramData\robocorp\ht\501dfb0_b1f3c24_09529949
501dfb0_b1f3c24_59f207d3  rcc.robocorpcode       vscode-06               1df42ad370426d46  c:\ProgramData\robocorp\ht\501dfb0_b1f3c24_59f207d3
501dfb0_b1f3c24_691db988  rcc.robocorpcode       vscode-02               9167990d7ad4c116  c:\ProgramData\robocorp\ht\501dfb0_b1f3c24_691db988
501dfb0_b1f3c24_f8170f6e  rcc.robocorpcode       vscode-base-v01-a717da  978947424da5b5d4  c:\ProgramData\robocorp\ht\501dfb0_b1f3c24_f8170f6e

How can I export ht 501dfb0_b1f3c24_09529949 when I run the cmd rcc ht export -z

Just check Blueprint column and add those that you want to export into command line.

So rcc holotree export -z 5ee273735a31b850 should do the trick.

See also rcc holotree catalogs for listing catalogs in that machine.


When you are running the bot, you do not need to tell which environment to use, RCC does that based on your conda.yaml content by hashing.

BR, Kari