How use Mouse Click Image in Desktop screen?

Hello, is it possible to use Mouse_Click_Image (RPA.Desktop.Windows) to click in a shortcut of desktop screen or in Windows tool bar ? It works well when looking template match in a specific application window, like outlook or calculator, but not in desktop window…

I would like to understand why Mouse_click_image template=${EXECDIR}\winmenu.png winmenu doesn’t work…

When I use the search field winbusca as template locator, it works fine

Does it occurs because the WIN icon changes its color when the mouse is over it ?

It is possible to access Windows menu by other means, like pressing Windows key. This kind of library would do it (save as under libraries and import in the script with Library WindowsKey):

from pywinauto.keyboard import send_keys

class WindowsKey:
    def press_windows_key(self):

mouse_click_image should work, too, and I can click items on desktop with it. But also I have problems clicking the Windows logo. Finally managed to find this kind of template: image
RPA.Desktop.Windows doesn’t allow control over image matching tolerances which might be needed in this case.