I would like to know why this condition is returning true and not the amount of elements, and returning true or false. Since it was returning false and true, i made the condition if found is true, just log something if it does not log and make a sound

   ${Found}=    Run Keyword And Return Status
            ...    Get Element Count
            Sleep    10s
            IF    ${Found} == $true
                Log    Found results ${Found}    html=${TRUE}    console=${TRUE}    repr=${TRUE}
                playsound.playsound    sound/truck-horn.mp3
                Log    No Result Found    INFO    ${TRUE}
            Sleep    10s    Loading # Wait 10 minutes before checking again
            Reload Page

Hello, this works as documented

This keyword returns Boolean True if the keyword that is executed succeeds and False if it fails

If you just need a count you can assign it to variable

${element_count}        Get Element Count       locator

That was what i expected, i have tried both ways related to the amount of elements with the same id and other related with booleans.

Right now it does not matter how it is, the sound is always executed.
SO, i wonder If there is some mispelling or semantic errors i could have made.

I was also wondering, if it could not be the long paths on mac, because half of this website has a long id name and only the end is changed to the subject of the id.

Try with '${Found}' == '${true}'