Implementing State Machine in Robocorp

Hi everyone,

I am a UiPath developer who is now exploring Robocorp. In UiPath, I mostly develop solutions using UiPath’s RE Framework, which is essentially a state machine implementation.

My question is whether it is possible to replicate this state machine with Robocorp. One option I am considering is using the Python StateMachine package, but that means my tasks will be written predominately in Python (and augmented with Robot Framework libraries). What would be the trade-offs if I were to take this approach?

I am aware of Robocorp’s producer-consumer template. Unfortunately, it lacks the flexibility to cater for the different use cases that may arise.

Or are there better approaches that I can take?


Hello and welcome to forum!
Could you expand on work items lack of flexibility? What would be use cases where they would have shortcomings?