Init Error: Failed to build Kernel when installing Robocorp Lab (Win10)

I’m on Windows 10, in a corporate environment, behind a proxy, don’t have admin rights on my machine.
I requested the windows longpaths activation which has been done, but now when trying to install the Lab, I get the error “Init Error:Failed to build Kernel”.
The logs have some errors regarding posting metrics “Error: Execution prevented because the circuit breaker is open” and also Init error [object Error]: {“statusCode”:“INIT_4_10”,“name”:“ProcessError”.

Any ideas how to resolve please?

First off: OS, generic description of running environment, proxy and admin details right off the bat, so a humble thank you from the support perspective!

The first guess is that the proxy is preventing some outbound traffic. For that purpose, we wrote up a firewall/proxy guide that is targeted towards IT departments.

If possible please send the issue report, because that way we can get the application log that helps us further.