Install Robocorp Lab IDE without administrator privilegies

Can i install Robocorp Lab IDE without administrator privilegies?
Do i need give firewall permisions to Robocorp Lab IDE?

I install Robocorp Lab IDE but I can’t open websites

Thanks for your help

I’m assuming you are on Windows.
Using a developer tool in Windows without admin permissions can be quite challenging. So even thought in use Lab should not require admin permissions during installation you pretty much have to have those rights.
Using Lab should not require any firewall rules.
Are you able to open the Help -menu links?
For example if you click ‘Robocorp Lab Documentation’ that should open your default browser to:

First of all thanks

I was able to install it without problem but when I run a robot Windows10 rise firewall permision that require admin privilegies.
This is the application that requires firewall rule appdata\local\robocorp\robocodelab\envs\b9a32deef3*python.exe*

The robot can open this page but after login with certificate can’t continue in other pc with admin privilegies the robot continue.

Sorry for my poor english and very thanks