“Intelisense” not working

Hi everyone! I’m trying to connect the library in the Settings block as indicated in the course for beginners, but for some reason the RPA.Browser library is highlighted in green as text. can anyone tell me what is the reason? thanks

Hi, @s.evdokimov! This is what the Settings cell looks like for me:


Yes, the library name is shown in green. The colors on our documentation site and in Robocorp Lab don’t match one to one. Does the robot still work, or do you have issues running it?

The auto-completion does not currently work in the Settings section (for libraries etc.) in Robocorp Lab. Hopefully that support will be added soon!

// Jani

Thank you very much for your response. I was confused by the color differences in the font (tutorial and release). And also the fact that there was auto-completion in the training course.

Can you please tell me, can I use all the Robot Framework functionality in Robocorp Lab?

(I mean libraries in the first place)

Yes you can, and Python libraries as well.

Thanks! I will try to transfer the process to Robocorp.

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Boa tarde @jani , Não entendi… esse recurso intelisense não está implementado apenas para célula Settings , ou não está implementado no momento para nenhuma célula ( Keywords ou Tasks)?

Hi, @ramossuelen139!

The auto-completion keyboard shortcut was changed from TAB to Ctrl+Space in the recent Robocorp Lab release.

You need to type at least two (2) characters, and then press Ctrl+Space:


// Jani