Inventory Management Process Automation

This is another Robocorp bot developed which is used for automation of inventory management process.

So steps followed by bot

  1. There is an inventory management portal where products details everything is stored

  2. So for the rpa challenge, there are some pdf files provided in respective folder for inserting, updating and deleting the records.

  3. So from insert folder, pick each file (pdf) and take the product , seller and price details and enter it to the portal

  4. After inserting all the details, use the information present in pdf files present in update folder to update the price of existing records

  5. After updating all details, use the information present in pdf files in delete folder to delete the records

  6. At last take the screenshot of existing records and save as image.

Thanks robocorp for helping me to develop this

One thing which amazed me is robocorp is very fast which makes me sometimes to use sleep to see what is happening in between the automation process :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Nived N

Happy Automation


Super nice example, thanks for sharing @Nived_Nambiar!