Is Deployment to private cloud or Azure possible?

I am new to Robocorp. I wanted to check if deployment to private cloud or something like Azure is possible or we can deploy only to Robocorp cloud?
Question is from both cost and data privacy point of view.

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Hi Sanjay!

You can run your Robots on almost any kinda of infrastructure by deploying the Robocorp App there and connecting it to Robocorp Cloud. Then it is only a matter of configuring the robot to run on that environment instead of the Robocorp Hosted one.

Robocorp App can be downloaded on Robocorp Cloud, under “Environments”:

In case you need to run in a container:

Hi Tim, the link seems to be broken.
I am currently running my robot scripts in an Azure VM using rcc. Just wondering why would I need to run Robocorp App on the vm. What advantage would I get.
Sorry still learning about the Robocorp cloud.


On this document, there are some features that Control Room has when used with Workforce Agent: Control Room documentation.

Plain rcc operations are just single runs without orchestration. See above link for more details.

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